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Rockbridge State Nature Preserve in Hocking Hills - Hike to this waterfall right from your cabin door

    There is just so much to see and do in beautiful Hocking Hills State Park. Millions of years ago the Glacier pushed down from Canada and stopped just short of our region before receding. The Glacier left us with some of the most beautiful rock formations and waterfalls in the United States.

    The Hocking Hills region is spread out over approximately 25 miles. Whether you choose to hike,bike or drive you will find magic at the end of each trail! There is something for everyone here in the hills - restaurants,antiquing, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, zip lining, off road adventures, rock climbing, wineries, birding, canoing, weddings, reunions,train rides, breweries, escape rooms and much, much more. Plan on spending enough time to see it all. All of the Hiking is FREE!

Ash Cave is spectacular. Bring your camera



Pet Friendly - Handicap Accessible


One of the most spectacular features of Hocking Hills.

There is a cement sidewalk that will lead you to the main attraction. The lower trail is a total of 1/2 mile. There is also an upper rim trail if your up for the challenge.

The Grandma Gatewood Trail that leads to Cedar Falls and eventually Old Man's Cave can begin here.

This would be a 6 mile hike one way



Pet Friendly


The grand daddy of the Hocking Hills State Park. You can easily spend an afternoon at this one park. There is an upper and lower falls at Old Mans.

A gift shop, museum and concession stand.

At the upper falls you will find the start of the Grandma Gatewood Trail that will lead you to Cedar Falls and Ash Cave. This is a 6 mile hike one way.

The grand daddy of the Hocking Hills area



Pet Friendly


The trail leading to Cedar Falls will take you on one wild hike. You descend into the valley on a massive winding staircase. Another 1/4 mile will lead you to one of the most fantastic waterfalls in the region. There are several side trails that are not to be missed at Cedar Falls. You will also find a trail leading to the awesome Indian Bridge.

Beautiful waterfall in Hocking hills
Home to Airplane Rock



State Nature Preserve


This park boosts an upper and lower trail. The lower trail leads you through a canyon of massive rock formations to a waterfall at the end.

The upper trail leads you to Airplane Rock which is one of the most photographed spots in the State of Ohio.

The only true cave in the park



Pet Friendly


The Rock House is the only true cave in the Hocking Hills State Park. Well known to have been home to local native Indian tribes and later to robbers and thieves.

You can actually climb up in to the cave but be sure and take pictures from below as well. Massive stone steps will take you to the bottom of the valley below.

Beautiful cliffs and gorge



Pet Friendly


The hike at Cantwell Cliffs takes you

on a trail that follows the top of massive cliff walls. You will eventually descend into a beautiful gorge that takes a trail through rock formations and stone steps. Bring your camera , hiking stick and plenty of water.

In the heart of Hocking Hills Ohio



Rockbridge State Nature Preserve


Although this can be a challenging hike it is not to be missed when visiting Hocking Hills. This is one of the largest natural bridges in the US. There is often a beautiful waterfall and fantastic views of the Hocking river. There is also a side trail to the Rock Shelter if your up to the task.

A true hidden gem and local favorite



Pet Friendly


This is one of the hidden gems in the Hocking hills region. A long time local favorite and one of those rare places that you can still find yourself alone in the woods. Rock walls, waterfalls and old Indian steps formed in the granite make this place a sanctuary for the soul.

Haunted Ohio



Nelsonville Pet Friendly


This famous landmark is said to be haunted by ghosts from the past. This trail is off the beaten path and will give you chills as you walk through the old tunnel. Pictures taken in and around the tunnel are known to have ghostly apparitions show up in the background so be sure and take a shot or two.

A permit only hiking spot



By Permit Only  - Permit is Free


Four huge caves that form 7 distinct recesses make this a magical place to visit. You must apply for a Free permit through ODNR. This is another off the beaten path hike that gives you a true sense of peace and quiet. We will help you get the permit when booking with us - just ask!

Near conkles Hollow State Nature Preserve



Pet Friendly


Caused by erosion balanced rock is a one of a kind a sculpture made by mother nature. The hiking trail to balanced rock is off of the trail to the State rock climbing and rappelling area. It is a long hike but you will see a lot along the way. Ask us for directions when you arrive.

An awesome hike away from the crowds



Permit only - Permit is FREE


You will spend the day totally alone with nature on this hike. This is a huge preserve and you can hike until you drop. Just a perfect way to spend a day. We will help you with info to get this permit when you book with us. You will obtain your permit through ODNR


Hocking Hills best kept secrets



Permit Only - Permit is FREE


Another spot that you will most likely find yourself alone in Hocking Hills which is a rarity. There is a lot to see in the huge preserve. You must obtain a permit through ODNR and we can help you when you book with us. Plan on spending the day and take your back pack and camera.

A beautiful hike at the right time of year





You will want to visit here in late June or early July to catch the rhododendrons in bloom. This is a 1.2 mile hike that can be a bit strenuous but definitely worth the extra effort to hike this beautiful preserve.


One of the most photographed spots in the state





Located near Conkles Hollow this little beauty can be a bear to find - but never fear we will get you on the right path. This is so beautiful in the fall which makes it one of the most photographed spots in the state

Large cave able to hold horses and their riders





You will begin this hike near the state rock climbing and rappelling area. It is a bit of a hike but along the way you will also find balanced rock which makes it worth the trip. this cave is large enough to house a few horses and their riders.

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